Former WeWork CEO may get a massive payout from SoftBank

The former CEO of SoftBank, Adam Neumann, who left the startup amidst a scandal, is said to be getting a huge amount of money from SoftBank as part of... Read more

Ecuador's health minister resigns amidst vaccine scandal

Due to a scandal surrounding the distribution of vaccines, Ecuador's health minister, Juan Carlos Zevallos, has been forced to resign from his post. I... Read more

UK supreme court rules against former ISIS recruit

In a court ruling that many claims have set a terrible precedent, the UK supreme court voted against allowing Shamima Begum, a former ISIS recruit, to... Read more

Former Syrian officer sentenced to prison over war crimes

In a historical move, a German court has sentenced a former Syrian officer to prison for war crimes. The court decided to send the officer, Eyad al-Gh... Read more

India imposes new rules on social media platforms operating in the country

India recently imposed strict guidelines on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms operating in the company. The rules were formed because... Read more

DNS servers: DDos protection against cyber attacks

Cybercrime is a growing phenomenon in our world today. You are often the victim of cyber attack where you lose important files or documents. Find out... Read more

Is kratom approved by the FDA?

Mitragyna speciosa, commonly known as kratom, is a plant that grows naturally in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. The FDA is concer... Read more

Benefits of eating one egg every day

It is important to have a good balance diet if you want to be in health. Eggs are natural foods which have many advantages for people who used to take... Read more

Agile transformation: how to succeed?

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How to make your diet beautiful and healthy.

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Mail checker: how to register?

The use of the mail checker is very important in order to avoid having mail problems. So are the many other benefits it has. The most important is tha... Read more

Where to buy second-hand goods ?

The buying and selling of second-hand goods is becoming more and more common these days. Many people prefer to buy second-hand goods, because it is ch... Read more

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What meanings are given to dragons in China?

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Why take an air ambulance?

A healthy lifestyle is important for your health. Unfortunately, no one is immune to surprises with diseases. If you are in an area that lacks adequat... Read more

What are the methods of property valuation ?

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the intranet?

The intranet is a telecommunication and teleinformation tool used by companies or organisations for exchanges. This tool is similar to the Internet. I... Read more

What are the steps to create a website?

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What is a VoIP phone system?

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Comment devenir un footballeur professionnel ?

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SWAN SEO: the precise URL redirection tool

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How to determine your finger size before buying a jewel?

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How to proceed to the choice of an agency of creation of Web site?

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Affiliate marketing: what do you need to know ?

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Why install a home alarm?

A home alarm is a powerful device that ensures the security of your home thanks to a motion detector system that alerts you when there is a break-in.... Read more