UK supreme court rules against former ISIS recruit

In a court ruling that many claims have set a terrible precedent, the UK supreme court voted against allowing Shamima Begum, a former ISIS recruit, to appeal against the cancellation of her UK citizenships. 

Shamima Begum ran away at the age of 15 to join the jihadist group ISIS in Syria. Her British citizenship was canceled by the former home secretary after she was found in a Syrian refugee camp.  

Supreme Court ruled against UK court of appeal decision  

Lord Robert Reed, the leader of the UK supreme court, ruled that Shamima can't appeal against the cancellation of her British citizenship, adding that the UK court of appeal made a mistake when it said  Shamima can make her appeal in the UK.

Reed added that Belgium does not have the right to appeal her case over the safety of other citizens. He concluded by saying the court of appeal made an error in their decision as Shamima does not meet the requirements to contest the removal of her British citizenship.

The UK court of appeal granted Shamima the right to advocate for the return of her British citizenship on British soil, adding that the trial won't be fair if she wasn't allowed into Britain. 

Human rights groups and activists protest the court's decision

The UK's court ruling has faced serious criticism from human rights groups and activists. They claim that the court ruling is unconstitutional, as it means Shamima can't claim or have access to her rights as a British citizen. 

They also added that Shamima was brainwashed-she was recruited at the age of 15- and should be given leniency. Shamima has already given birth to three children who have all died. 

During his court ruling, Reed agreed the situation was not ideal, especially as Shamima is currently in a Syrian refugee camp, but the safety of the public takes precedence over her rights.

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