Why opt for anti-DDoS protection?

Keeping your site up and running for a long time is everyone's dream. To do so, protecting it is one of the most important factors. Among so many protection devices, anti-DDoS is one of them. You are probably wondering the reasons why you should use anti-DDoS protection. This article answers them.

Anti-DDoS protection, core of the network 

The anti ddos protection is placed at the core of the network in the telecommunication or IT service providers' backbone. This device is placed upstream and its purpose is to contain DDoS attacks and to erase unwanted traffic for the user. Core network DDoS protection promotes the industrialization of defense systems. Based on the history of IP addresses already used by previous botnets, a service provider has the ability to assess the risk associated with an IP address. Thus, it will be able to take the appropriate action for the IP address in question, i.e. allow access or block it.

Anti-DDoS protection for sites

The anti-DDoS protection system can be applied to the site. The anti-DDoS protection in this case is installed by a company as a protection for its website. The anti-DDoS system is therefore part of the security package. And this, along with a firewall, VPN, identity and access management or multi-factor authentication. This on-premise anti-DDoS solution highlights the process of detecting and defending against DDoS attacks, also known as application attacks. These DDoS attacks mainly target applications or services such as a server hosting Magento, or an open source e-commerce site that is doing well. This is where the anti-DDoS site protection comes in to ensure the defense of the site and the protection of its assets.

It is a high priority for any e-commerce site owner or any other platform on the internet to secure it. And for this, anti-DDoS protection is essential, taking into account its multiple features.