Why choose a 3D printer?

A print is a reproduction of data from a computer and through a printer. But today, it is possible to have 3d prints thanks to 3d printers. Discover here, why to choose a 3D printer.

What is the particularity of the 3d printer ?

 The 3d printer, unlike the classic printer, is a printer that could be described as revolutionary. Indeed, it is a printer that allows you to create a real object. You can visit https://www.erowz.se for more information. Thus, the 3d printer will allow to create prototypes thanks to electronic tools and special materials. Still called additive manufacturing, the 3d printer will make it possible to make custom objects at a reduced cost and a shorter duration. 
In addition, the 3d printer can be used for different types of manufacturing. It can be used for surgical models, mock-up models, metal parts, etc. In addition, the 3d printer meets specific needs according to the industry. The 3d printing is done taking into account the volume, geometric shapes and their complexity, and the strength of the parts.

What are the different models of 3d printer ?

There are a variety of 3d printers depending on what you want to do with them. However, the different types of models are mainly classified into 2 main categories: the molten plastic filament 3d printer or FDM and the stereo lithography 3d printer or SLA. The 3d printer by the technique of FDM allows to obtain the desired part thanks to the deposit of layer of small melted plastic threads. As for the SLA technique, it is necessary to use liquid inflammable materials which will undergo a solidification with the laser to carry out impressions in 3d. 
In addition, there are other techniques that are used as the continuous fiber reinforcement or CFF, laser sintering or SLS, digital light processing or DLP. You have the possibility to choose your model according to your needs of 3D printing.