What roles do proteins play in bodybuilding ?

The practice of bodybuilding requires a considerable intake of protein which is too often neglected in favor of carbohydrates. It is true that, protein is not a primary source of energy during sports exercise, nevertheless it is important in the recycling mechanism and also when energy reserves are weakened.

The importance of protein

The human body requires a good quality of protein in order to be able to function well. Being important or even essential for athletes, the consumption of protein allows them to always keep in shape. For a more in-depth detail, see the blog here . The protein requirement increases with the intensity of the training and should be adjusted accordingly. In fact, the proteins seen help repair damaged tissue. Whether it is therefore animal proteins or plant proteins, they affect the repair process of damaged cells during intense physical activity. During muscle recovery, they will facilitate the renewal of damaged cells. In addition, it is important to point out that protein does not only affect muscle synthesis. Indeed, it also has a determining role in the synthesis of hemoglobin which will have a positive impact on the oxygenation of the muscles and the brain. A key element to take into account when being an athlete. Also, when playing a sport that pushes us to push our limits, we often have to draw on our reserves. And this is where protein will come in handy as well.

How much protein does an athlete need and where can they find it ?

The amount of protein to consume for sport such as weight training depends on your weight and the intensity of your workouts. It should generally represent 1.5 to 1.8 grams of protein per kilogram and this applies to both sexes. Moreover, you will easily find protein in your diet. We recommend a balanced consumption of vegetable and animal proteins. The combination of animal and vegetable proteins guarantees maximum biological value. Consuming these two sources makes it easy to assimilate essential amino acids that are important for the body and muscles. You can also opt for protein powder to make it easier to reach your daily protein goal.