What can we know about VISITAX?

The VISITAX tax is actually a tourist tax that all tourists wishing to visit the Quintana Roo region are obliged to pay. It is a tax that is created by the authorities of this city with the aim of increasing the revenue of the city. It must be said that the city of Quintana Roo is a Mexican tourist city. To pay this tax, it will be necessary to follow a whole procedure.

What are the steps to pay the VISITAX tax?

The payment of VISITAX follows a procedure well defined by the authorities of this city. For more information on visitax cancun, click here. So to pay the VISITAX tax, there are steps that tourists must follow. These stages are three in number which are also essential to know. The first step is to complete the online form. This is a decisive step in the process of paying the VISITAX tax because you will have to provide certain necessary information about yourself. The payment of the tax is the second step. Payment for VISITAX is made on a secure page using a bank card or through a PayPal account. After completing these two formalities, you get a QR code which is a personal code. Obtaining this code is the third step.

Who must pay the VISITAX tax?

The first thing to know about this tax is that it is instituted for foreign tourists. The VISITAX tax is an obligation for all those who wish to travel to this region of Mexico. As soon as the destination is Quintana Roo, you must pay this tax no matter what you are going to do. This is the place to remember that VISITAX is paid for by children whose age has already reached four years. Whatever the reasons for your stay in the city of Quintana Roo, the payment of the VISITAX tax is necessary.