What are the advantages and disadvantages of the intranet?

The intranet is a telecommunication and teleinformation tool used by companies or organisations for exchanges. This tool is similar to the Internet. It has enormous advantages and disadvantages which we will try to present to you briefly in this guide. So make sure you have a very good read.

The advantages of the intranet

My Intranet is an internet-like software that most companies use useful to teleinform and telecommunicate with their employees. This tool has a plethora of advantages.

The customisation of the software

With the intranet, you have the possibility to customize a logo according to the expectations and needs of your company. Since you now become the master of your intranet, you are free to establish any plan on it. The main thing is that the objective is achieved. Customisation of the internal and external layout of the intranet software you own is also possible. You manage your intranet according to your projects, needs and expectations. Thus, your products and articles are put forward.

Employee productivity and engagement

The intranet is the ideal solution for union and understanding within your company. With this software, the employees of a company have freedom of expression. In return, they get a positive or negative response to their concerns or proposals. Here, the employee's opinion counts and can appear in the company's reports. As long as the employees get along well in a comfortable atmosphere, the clientele should be there and the company's turnover should be huge.

The disadvantages of the intranet

Everything has its good and bad sides. Thus, alongside the many advantages of the intranet, remember that this tool also has disadvantages.

The security risk

Any virtual network has a security flaw. The same is true for the intranet. By collecting very important information in one place, the risk is great. The day a cybercriminal gets his hands on this important data for your company, you can be sure that your company will go bankrupt. It is therefore urgent to put in place configurations and strategies to highly secure the intranet.

Information overload

You need some airing out of your intranet. Overload in anything is harmful and annoying. This is something you'll want to avoid on an intranet. Just put important, clear, precise and concise information. You need to optimise your content before putting it on the platform. This overload can have a negative impact on the work of the employees and thus the work of the company is slowed down. To avoid going back to square one (minimal turnover), it is urgent to air your intranet platform while avoiding overload.