What activity to do when visiting Burgundy

The vacations are here and you want to take a trip to the city of Burgundy to experience better leisure time. Your option is the best one, because it contributes to your well-being and fulfillment. But, you still don't know what activity to do in this city. Find out in this article, what you can do in Burgundy during your trip.

Travel to Burgundy: visit on foot!

Paris is an impressive city of France that cannot be disputed. However, it can't match Burgundy when it comes to food and wine, and that's what you'll discover when you click on https://www.evazio.com/en/

Indeed, if your next trip is focused on this magnificent city, know that you have opted for a hiking trip. You have chosen to go for outdoor walks in Burgundy following well-defined itineraries. Note that the main activity you will have to do is the walking tour in Burgundy. How beautiful is all that you will discover during this activity! You will discover two of the most famous vineyards in the world located south of Dijon. In this tour, you can go to the Côte de Beaune, known for its delicate red wines that you can sip. It is also characterized by the full-bodied white wines.

What are the conditions to travel in this city?

The activities to do in Burgundy are exceptional and contribute to your leisure. For this, it proves important to list the requirements to enjoy your trip. First, note that the trips for visiting Burgundy take place from April to October. You must be traveling with at least one extra person before going to Dijon to discover its most special mustard on the planet. However, trips are possible every day and last only 8 days. During this stay, you can walk, at your own pace, through the vineyards of Burgundy.