The Mongolia visa, how to do?

In order to enter Mongolia, you need to obtain a visa from the people who can provide you with it. How to get a visa for Mongolia? This article, you make an overview of how to get a visa and the elements to provide.

Obtaining the visa Mongolia

In order to obtain your visa for Mongolia, you will have to follow several steps such as: compile a complete file, fill in the application form, submit the application to the consulate, collect the visa, gather the important documents. The documents you will have are: a valid passport, 1 photocopy of the page containing your photo, a form containing the visa application for Mongolia, you must add a color passport photo that will be pasted on the form, a photocopy of your plane ticket or train ticket and a copy of an insurance certificate of stay and now a photocopy of your hotel reservation. These are the mandatory documents to apply for a visa to Mongolia. Step 2 is to fill in the application form to enter Mongolia. Then, you are now called to submit your application to the consulate, and after that, you can collect your visa.

The price of the visa for Mongolia

To visit Mongolia, you need a visa before entering the country. For Mongolia, there are two types of visas: the business visa and the tourist visa, both visas are at the same price and for the same duration. The price of the Mongolian visa has been taken in accordance with the price of the Schengen visa.

  • - For a short stay visa eligible for 30 days entry, the price is 50 euros - For a visa eligible for multiple entries 90 days to 180 days, the price is 105 euros - The service fee starting from 39 euros, allows you to obtain an entry permit to Mongolia without going to the embassy

All these fees for obtaining a visa are not reduced. You are required to pay these amounts respectively for obtaining your visa neither more nor less.