SWAN SEO: the precise URL redirection tool

The SEO migration of a website depends on the competence of the professional who carries out the traffic of the site. For this fact, the expert must follow very precise steps. It is also accompanied by a suitable tool

The main levels of intervention of an SEO migration

For a successful migration, the professional intervenes at various levels. He follows a very specific step in the redirection. It is necessary to consult the full article to have more explanations. The first step is to process the site by scanning the old version and removing the URLs of the external elements automatically. Once the treatment is finished, the expert proceeds to the exploration of the new version by submitting it to a pre-test. He can then automatically match the new URLs to the old ones. The fourth step will be to make a conclusive test on the success of the migration to finally validate it. A migration as well improved by a professional, gives a good return, because the natural referencing is optimal and makes the page visible by the users. In addition, a support service during the operationalization is available for the structure assisted in SEO migration.

What are the benefits of an SEO migration?

An SEO migration is a redirection of the set of strategies that directs traffic from the URLs of an old site to a new and improved site. The use of the tool is affordable, fast and specifically accurate. It accurately captures the URLs to be matched between the new and the old version of the site. And it is even possible during the maintenance to see the similarity ratio by a graph. Thanks to the automatic referencing tool, the migration plan is executed with precision and elaborated on the right measure. URL matching facilitates effective migration and ensures smooth traffic. Redirection with the application also saves time when migrating. And the same goes for the mechanical validation of matches. To access the system, simply create a free account on the platform and follow the instructions.