Parts needed to replace a high toilet flange

Your bathroom can be damaged by a flange that is too high. You will have to fix it. In order to restore the flange, it is necessary to know the tools that are necessary for its realization because, without the use of these tools, we won't be able to replace the toilet flange. Let's discover these tools.

The wrench, screwdriver, and tape measure

First, to access the flange, you must disassemble your toilet. So, use a wrench to loosen the nut located near the shut-off valve by turning it counterclockwise, look at the recommended site for more information. This wrench will also be used to loosen the fasteners at the base of your toilet bowl. Using a flathead or Phillips screwdriver, you confidently loosen the screws that hold the flange to the floor. And that's not all; you'll also screw in the new flange that serves as a replacement. You may have to change your entire flange, at which point you will need a tape measure to measure the old one with a view to taking it to the store and finding the right one to meet your expectations.

A spatula or a rubber seal

The spatula is essential in this flange troubleshooting action. You use the spatula to scrape off the wax that is left around the flange when you remove your toilet. When replacing your flange you will need a rubber gasket. This ring will be placed on the return of the discharge cylinder. In order for it to be strong or hold well, you must press it on. It is not to be put on the flange but it must be put on the toilet. Otherwise, it won't be tight. It is the one that will ensure the water tightness.