How to find your lost cat

The anxiety when waiting for results is intense. Even more so when you've lost a cat. After designing and sharing posters, you are forced to wait. Unfortunately, this is the most grueling step.

The essential steps to take

More than just pets, cats are an integral part of the family. Our site offers you a larger database to launch effective searches. Indeed, there are steps that can facilitate investigations and other actions taken to find your companion. 

Indeed, the first hours after the disappearance of the cat are important. It is therefore advisable that you use them wisely. This can only increase the success rate of your search mission. To this end: - start by reporting the loss of your cat: whether online or at the animal welfare agency, it is essential that the professionals have the information. 

Even if they don't immediately go out on the street to call like you did, you can be sure they are working to get your cat back, - Then you can start looking for your companion with common actions and means such as : posters, asking your friends for help and posting on social networks. 

The Internet is now a world apart that sometimes allows miracles to happen. So, it is not too much that you put there the posters of lost cat created.

The other option: an association

The other option that is to the disappearance of people who have lost a canine companion, is to approach the associations working for the protection of animals. 

The latter, already aware of this kind of situation, are more likely to make the necessary decisions and follow with attention the case presented. Nevertheless, it is urgent that you proceed to the identification of your companion as soon as you find it.