How to determine your finger size before buying a jewel?

We wonder about the size of the fingers, when we want to get a jewel to enhance these small members of the body. As one can imagine, it is about knowing the diameter of the finger. It is then appropriate to look at the methods to achieve this, as we propose in this article.

Leave it to a jeweler to take the measurement

A piece of jewelry for a loved one should be free from any criticism. To avoid any blunders, go to a jeweler. There, you will benefit from precision in taking measurements with professional tools. In general, in a store, the jeweler will rely on your finger and rings. If you want to know more about this tool than, check out this source of information. Know that, equipped with such equipment, the professional will measure your finger in a few seconds, and you will be fixed on your choice. On the other hand, if it is a gift, the jeweler will take care of the tributaries and a recent ring of the lucky one. These tools are of two types, including a normal model and another one a little more special that measures sizes beyond the 70 measure.

Taking a finger measurement at home

When you decide to measure your finger size at home, you need to make sure you do it right. The success of the operation will depend on the tools and the mastery of their use. Mainly, you can opt for an online ring gauge or play the jeweler's apprentice with triboulets. The first choice is quite technical. Go to Google to download an image of a baguier. Make sure you print it out in a suitable format. All that is left to do is to place one of the person's recent rings on the rings of the ring stand. As soon as a match is identified, then you can assume you have your measure. If it happens that the choice falls between two sizes, opt for a medium or large size. This ensures that your fingers are comfortable. Finally, just put one of the recent rings on the neck of the tool and let it slide. Once the ring is stabilized, read the measurement to which its position corresponds.