DNS servers: DDos protection against cyber attacks

Cybercrime is a growing phenomenon in our world today. You are often the victim of cyber attack where you lose important files or documents. Find out in this article the security of this server

What is the DNS server?

The "Domain Name System" DNS is a distributed computer service used to translate the names of internet domains into IP addresses or other information.
Existing since 1983 and designed by the Americans, it is an essential component of network development. Click here for details https://www.extraordinary-tips.com.
Equipment (hosts) connected to an IP network, such as the Internet, have an IP address that identifies them on the network. To facilitate access to hosts on an IP network, a mechanism has been put in place to associate a name with an IP address. This name, which is easier to remember, is called a “domain name”.

DNS Server security

The DNS protocol has been designed with minimal concern for security. Several DNS protocol security vulnerabilities have since been identified. The main flaws in DNS were described in RFC 3833 [31] published in August 2004.
DNS servers communicate using unique, unsigned packets. One of the flaws is therefore the possibility of intercepting the transmitted packets. The interception can take place in different ways, including listening to the transferred data and sending a falsified response.
Since DNS packets are weakly secure, it is possible to fabricate false packets. For example a user who would like to access any site, makes his request to the DNS site. At that point, a hacker just needs to respond to the query before the DNS server and you're done.
To counter these vulnerabilities, the DNSSEC protocol (RFC 4033 [33], RFC 4034 [34], RFC 4035 [35]) has been developed. It uses the principles of asymmetric cryptography and digital signature to ensure data integrity, as well as proof of non-existence if the requested record does not exist. Therefore, your data is strictly secure and cannot be corrupted as it has been with AT & T's DNS system.