Benefits of eating one egg every day

It is important to have a good balance diet if you want to be in health. Eggs are natural foods which have many advantages for people who used to take them every day.

Increase energy level

Every day you need to drink caffeine to have energy, you can choose to take one egg by day. Your lack of energy is due to the lack of vitamin B. Egg can give you this vitamin that can be a fuel for your body. You will have energy you need every day you eat one egg per day

Improve your sight

If you think about improving your sight you think to orange, sweet potatoes or carrots. But eggs also contain vitamin A and lutein that your eyes need to have a net sight. If you have eyes problems don't hesitate to take eggs.

Reduce risk to have heart diseases

A study shows that eat one egg by day reduce the possibility to have heart diseases. So, people who eat egg all days are less confronted to this kind of diseases than people who avoid eggs. So, don't hesitate to make eggs in your breakfast.

Good for brain functions

Eat eggs for every breakfast are necessary to support your brain functions. Healthy fats found on eggs help your brain to be developed. Don't hesitate to add egg in the breakfast of your children specially when they are learners. It will be benefits for them.

Get more proteins

Eggs give you all proteins you need. Through amino acids which constitute a building blocks for every cell that your body create. One egg has six grams of protein, so added egg in your meal will insure to your immune system protein he needs. Don't forget to eat egg every day.